How to Get Fit and Reduce Obesity

Exercise-Related Preventive Measures

Regular Physical Exercise

Regular physical exercises can do wonders in the preventing obesity. Person needs an hour of moderate to vigorous exercises everyday if they want to prevent obesity. They should do aerobic activity for at least 60 minutes per day. These exercises or aerobic activities can be in various forms, such as jogging, running, cycling and dancing etc. For aerobic activities an intensity of 55 to 60 per cent of the maximum heart rate should be set.

Yoga Exercises

Yoga exercises can help in preventing and curing obesity. For example, pranayama and yogic asana especially meditative asana are helpful in preventing and curing obesity. As a matter of fact, research studies have proved that stress and tension tend to increase obesity. Meditative asanas are very beneficial in relieving stress and tension. Therefore, yogic exercises can also help in to stay fit.

To Play Games and Sports Regularly

Playing games and sports regularly is also beneficial for preventing obesity and stays fit. Individual should play various games and sports like football, basketball, hockey, handball, swimming and athletics etc. regularly at least for one hour. Make it regular phenomenon for the whole lifespan.

4.Weight Training Exercises

Earlier, weight training exercises used to be considered harmful for children as they put stress on joints but it is beneficial for adult. Now, the research studies indicates that weight training programmes for adulthood are safe and effective for preventing and curing obesity and it stays fit to the individual. About weight training exercises, it is said, authentically that these exercises can do wonderful job in maintain proper weight whether you are thin or fat.

Resistance Exercise

These exercise are only safe and best for curing and preventing obesity and stays fit. It can also improve muscular strength and increase the strength of tendons, ligaments and bones of children. It is generally recommended that these exercises for individual should focus on the proper exercises technique and number repetitions rather than amount weight lifted. In a single set, 12 to 16 repetitions should be done with moderate resistance.

Diet-Related Preventive Measures

Avoid Fatty Food

If you want to prevent obesity and stay fit, you should avoid fatty foods in your diet. Fats are known to have maximum number of calories. These extra calories will be accumulated in your body. So avoid fatty foods, if you want to remain slim and trim.

Avoid Junk and Fast Foods

Try to avoid junk and fast foods such as pizza, burger, chips, cookies, pastry, chocolate and cold drinks, etc. if you want to prevent obesity and stay fit. These food-stuffs are also rich in calories. Intake of such foodstuffs leads to obesity.

Avoid Overeating

To prevent obesity and stay fit, you should not overeat. It means that you should eat the food according to the requirement of your body. Suppose, you require 2000 calories per day, then you should take the food that consists of only 2000 calories. If you take 2100 calories per day, the 100 calories will be accumulated daily as fat in your body. So, you should avoid overeating.

Don’t Eat Frequently

You should not form a habit to eat frequently. The individual who eat frequently usually take extra calories. Therefore, they become obese. So, always avoid eating frequently.

Don’t Skip Meals

Don’t skip your meals, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you skip your meal, the next time you will definitely do overeating which may lead to obesity. In fact, skipping meals increases hunger and it results in greater food consumption next time.

Take Low Calorie Diet

To prevent obesity, you should take low calorie diet but you should not give up the essential constituents of food. It should be a nutritious one.

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